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I'm human; I promise you I am.
Xicano | Poeta | Chingón

But you, you’ve always been the rain, the wind, inside my mind. I taste you when I sleep, when I wake, when I breathe.

Nalini Singh 

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I’ve said this on countless occasions and I will repeat it once more para que ustedes pinches asiáticos y gringos entienden

If you don’t appreciate people assuming that all Asians are Chinese, then why in the fuck should we Latinos/Hispanics be okay with you assuming we are all Mexican?

Chingan su madre 

i just finished listening/dancing to Selena alone in my room and i am not ashamed in the slightest but i kinda wish i was dancing with bae :c

Title: Since I Don't Have You Artist: The Skyliners 60 plays

50 shades of grey is a turd of a book and a poor excuse of literature and i truly question your taste in everything if you even remotely thought of it as quality