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I'm human; I promise you I am.
Xicano | Poeta | Chingón

"3 more years, see you soon"

I imagine,

that when we are dancing in our living room

and I look you in the eye

as if there is something small and precious

imprisoned in there and say to you

with a voice that massages it’s fingers

over the hair of our favorite vinyl

that’s playing in the background

Mi amor, did you know that its takes

over 66 days on average to form a habit?

When you reply correctly,

as you always seem to do when I ask you

questions about psychology,

I’ll probably just laugh, rejoicing over the fact that

every time you smile it makes the wrinkles on the

corner of your eyes look like willow branches

all lifting their heads from prayer in unison.

 And just as our song comes to a close,

I will whisper into your ear,

how did you know that I was the one?

How did you find my faint voice of woes

through the cat calls of masculinity?

When all of the well-equiped shackles

came galloping to your door

begging for the right to your ring finger

what made you lock the deadbolt on your ribcage

looking at them square in the face and say with joy

that your are saving all of your beauty

for a man who you’ve yet to even meet.

When I was 19 years old, 49 states away,

I dreamt of you nightly — I hunted for your smile

in every poem I wrote, hoping that I could

literally steal a glance, download it on to my retinas

and replay the moment our eyes first played freeze tag 

and neither one of us wanted to stop being “it” 

so our eyes just kept touching hoping that 

Father time would give us a hall pass,

and allow us to orbit one another forever.

And speaking of orbits, did you know that

there are more stars in your eyes than grains

of sand on the entire planet and that I would

give you either one if you merely asked?

Or I’d ask God to lend me the breeze

so I could blow every shoreline

of every beach into an hourglass 

made specially for us, and say

this is exactly how long I will adore every

idiosyncrasy about you that no one else

even bothers to notice, like your facial gestures

and how they remind me of the beauty in

Frida Khalo’s portraits, your fondness of Italian food

and how you’re always happiest with a plate of pasta

in front of you, or your intoxicating giggle and how I can

play it’s tune every time I close my eyes like the voices

of two lovers reciting their vowels on their wedding day.

When I first saw your face

I thought to myself there is my moon

and maybe I can be your sun

and maybe our love could be the transition between the two.

Maybe love is a University that we both attend for free

and we’ve been studying here for all these

decades because we are both geniuses. 

And when you ask me about us,

I’ll probably just laugh.

Giggling, like I’ve got a handful

of diamonds in my throat and I’ll say see, I told you

the biggest heartbeat God ever made

and now it’s all yours.


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Lemon Parque

Fullerton, Califas

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If you get the chance, tell your significant other you love them

tell them in Spanish

Te amo

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